Location PA  in charge of creating and distributing maps, delivering contracts, film clean-up, photographing locations and putting up signs. 

The production assistant, or PA position, is the entry level position on a film or television set. The production assistant does just about anything and everything, from getting coffee, to making script copies to shuttling crew or equipment around town as needed. 

The PA position is a lot of grunt work, but can be extremely educational. It is a highly visible position in that just about anyone can give you an order, from the producer to a sound technician. The production assistants who do as they're told without complaint are the ones who are remembered when it comes time to fill more important positions.

also includes:

Calling out of rolls and cuts in a set during film shooting.
Facilitation of all communications between the various departments working together for a project.
Must have flexible hours as his work duties typically can ran up to twelve hours  a day and are expected to be the first in last out on a set.
Wrangling of backgrounds and talents as well as the distribution of paper works, radios and other equipment needed on the set.

Ensuring that no interference occurs in the set or what is term in the film making industry as locking out.

Must be able to do interchangeable office or set chores as he/she can be an office production assistant if an extra hand is needed on a set or a set production assistant if production is off and he is working in the office.

Should be able to perform any and all jobs assigned to them by his actor or his producer in his official capacity as a production assistant.

Efficient relaying of information is a critical job function and a radio (walkie-talkie) is heavily utilized on set to communicate between the production staff as well as all other departments. In addition a PA might also carry an assortment of pens and markers, spare radio batteries, a multi-task tool, aspirin, gloves, small light and a surveillance headset, will also run errands, food runs, you name they do it all! May also be task with being an actor from time to time as needed, all task and schedule any change at any time!

Our film PAs must possess qualities, such as dependability, punctuality and resourcefulness. They must also have a professional attitude and appearance. PAs also need to be able to lift and carry equipment to assist with loading and unloading, approximately 50 pounds.

Film PAs must be able to work long hours, usually between 8-12 hours per day. They must be able to work under various working conditions in outdoor weather. They also need be willing and able to travel. PA may need to possess a reliable vehicle and clean driving record.

There is no required education for a film production assistant. They need to be extremely flexible and willing to work long hours, often during nights and weekends. It is important for these individuals to maintain a high level of professionalism when working.

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The Director's Assistant is an administrator who works closely with the director throughout the production process. They are involved at the pre-production stage through to post production marketing and distribution. They must be well organized, flexible, and have a good overview of the production process. The director will determine their responsibilities throughout the production on a day to day basis. Their tasks may include writing coverage on scripts, drafting letters, making phone calls, running an office, interviewing personnel, coordinating the fundraising process, assisting with duties on and off set, liaising between the producer and the post production team, and helping to prepare publicity materials. They may also be asked to help with copyright, arranging meetings and events, and managing money. More duties as directed!

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Executive Assistant position available for a busy CEO/executive producer with several Reality TV programs and Movies worldwide, scripted and unscripted. Candidate must be patient, organized, and an excellent communicator. Our company has the Overcome and Adapt attitude, Semper FI, and Esprit De Corps, attention to detail are essential, learn quickly and fast thinker.



1-years regular PA or assistant experience in the entertainment industry. 
Must be computer savvy  & have your own computer. 
Must have a valid Driver's License and a reliable car. 
Familiarity with the Horror & Supernatural Genre

Job responsibilities:  
-Coordinating travel, both domestic and international as needed 
-Coffee & lunch runs for Madam
-Occasional personal errands 


-Acting as a point of contact between directors, Producers and Madam
-Assisting the producing team in managing & distributing production paperwork 

-Able to research, Information etc..
-Keep informed about current programming.

Other Duties as assigned

To apply, please submit a cover letter and resume to