Supernatural and Ghost are in our Blood!


We are an independent film production company Founded in 2011, a Woman owned business, World Renowned Madam Della Psychic Witch From Salem, MA had a vision to be a success in the Supernatural & Horror based film industry, as well as her skills at being the best Psychic anyone has ever met or sat down with, we give it all we got to the viewer!


Based out of South West, Florida


We are producers of Reality TV shows, Scripted and Unscripted, Documentaries, Short Films and Full Feature Films.


The goal of the production company and all the associates is to put you on the edge of your seat, and or to have you scream and run!


We want to have the viewer involvement. The company is growing and always producing new shows and looking for the scariest and most entertaining TV show or Movie they can produce.


With over 60 Supernatural reality shows and Horror movies in pre-production or produced, the hunger grows for more!

We are happy to say since 2015 we added a new division to our growing company,  Devil Dog Management Company for all talent.

Entertaining the viewer is number one!

Keeping the Market pumped!